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Our Guest House
Welcome to our website „Chalupa u Mariana. Our guest house was one of the first ones of this kind in Polonina National Park. It was the idea of Marián Sisák, who was familiar with the Polonina National Park as hardly anyone else, to provide nice budget accommodation for lovers of nature and visitors of the National Park. Please find also some useful information about interesting locations near Runina, nice trails for walking and challenging hiking trails for everyone who plans a trip to the Polonina National Park as well as for our guests.

Chalupa u Mariana“ is located near the church (kostol) in the center of Runina, where there is the bus stop for the connection Runina-Snina. You will also find there a nice covered place with benches around a source of drinking water – the “Valov” – where one can have a rest and fetch fresh drinking water. For centuries the villagers used to get their drinking water from this source. In the19th century it was converted into a dew pond first built out of wood and in 1953 rebuilt out of concrete. In 2008 it was reconstructed to its present-day look. The quality of the water is excellent und even at extremely low temperatures it does not freeze. In this region such a dew point presents a rarity. As far as we know, it is the only one in this region. Most walking and hiking trails start or end at this inviting, nice place. A large map of the Polonina National Park was added to the place for better information and orientation in the region. On the same side, 100 m further along the main road there is a small corner shop.

In the center of Runina, opposite the “Valov” there is an orthodox church (pravoslavna cerkev) which was built by the villagers. Inside there is a nice wooden “Ikonostase” built by Stefan Huncár, also a villager of Runina. The church arches were decorated with pictures in the 1960-ies. Thanks to the money sent from villagers who went to America for work it was possible to buy a bell for the bell tower.

In Runina-Village there is a military cemetery for soldiers of the First World War. A memorial tablet for the dead of World War I was positioned along the road to Runina circa 1 km before the entrance sign of the village. Another one is positioned on the hill “Hajdosik” (ca. 921 m above sea level) between Runina and the former villages Velka Polana and Ruske. This is the highest situated military cemetery of this time period. In walking distance to the village entrance there is also a Jewish cemetery for the Jewish villagers who lived in Runina before World War II.

Above Runina, in walking direction to „Sedlo pod Durkovcom“ is the location of a popular place of pilgrimage –the so-called “Three Springs” (Tri Studnicky). In the deep of the forest there are 3 sources of drinking water. They are very close to each other, yet the water in each of them tastes different. Continuing a little further along the walking path, there is a clearing with a small chapel and bell tower.

It is hard to describe the unbelievable beauty of the nature in this region, one simply has to see and experience oneself. Our guests, even those who have already traveled around the world, are over and over again impressed by the untouched beauty of the nature and the quietness. One can walk or hike through the forest for hours not meeting a soul. In the evenings coming back from a tiresome walk or hike our guests can enjoy sitting on the bench or barbecuing in the garden of our guest house to strengthen for the next trail.


Holiday Flats:

General Information
You will easily find our guest housenear the orthodox church (kostol) in the center of the village. We offer accommodation for nature lovers and tourists who like to spend their holiday at a peaceful und quiet place in nature far away from the bustle of everyday life. It is a pleasure for us to hear from our guests that they were so much impressed from the beauty of the nature in this region and the unbelievable peace – for many of them medicine for body and soul. It is a pity that relatively few people visit the region Poloniny. On the other side, we are quite happy that this region is not that crowded yet like other places.

Our holiday flats at „ Chalupa u Mariana “ offer some advantages compared to the ones in villages in the region Ulicska Dolina:
- nice and low-cost holiday flats
- direct approach – quasi off front-door – to the Polonina National Park
- most walking and hiking trails start or end here (see also tours)
- Poland is in walking/biking distance
- enjoy a warm shower and a bed for a night to recover from a long tour/backpacking trip in a tent
- temporary shelter in a flat in case of bad weather
- nearby there is a corner shop where on can buy everything required for the stay in the nature
- the kitchens are equipped to cook daily meals for up to 10 people
- the fireplace is equipped with 2 grids to barbecue
- separate accommodation for 4 x 4 people
- free parking on the ground

Our guest house can easily accommodate 16 people.
There are 4 separate units and a barn (storing place for wood).Each unit can accommodate 4 (one of them up to 5) people. They are furnished with separate beds, and equipped with a kitchenette (including pots, dishes etc.), gas cooker, fridge, and eating table. All units have got a bathroom with shower, washing basin and toilet. The rooms are heated by hearth furnace or stove (wood).
Usually our guests take care of their own meals. The nearest place where one can find a restaurant would be Ulic or Nova Sedlica. However, in Runina Village there is a small pub where you could order a meal and a small corner shop where you can buy food (e.g. bread)and other useful things for daily use. The shop owner is Mrs. Glogovska (phone: 00421 910 911 069). Fresh bread and cakes are usually delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The shop is closed Thursday.

Please note that the telephone signal can be quite weak in the region of Runina. We recommend our guests from abroad to buy a sim card (preferably from Telefonica 02: 3c/m for Europe).

Reservation & Price
7 EUR/person/night in case of 2 or more nights; 10 EUR/person/night in case of a 1-night stay
For Children up to the age of 4 accommodation is free of charge. These are end prices (fees included) which are also valid if only 1 person is accommodated per room. Kontact: Anna Hunčárová (Phone: +421 949 839 398)

Rules of the house:

  •  Night-time rest: 10:00 p.m.– 06:00 a.m.
  • Day of departure: Please wash all the used dishes and check-out of a clean room.
  • We kindly ask our guests to care for tidiness at the guest house (Please take notice of the different waste bags for: residual waste / PET-flasks, / glass / metal / tetrapack.)
  • For security reason, we recommend that one person only takes care of the heating. Please do not use new wood after 10 a.m. so that the fire could slowly burn down through th night.
  • Fire in the house or outside has always to be supervised.
  •  Please take care of a proper ventilation of the rooms of the holiday flat (because of the heating with wood and cooking with Propan-Butan gas).
  •  Outside the house fire is allowed at allocated spaces only. Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Please keep the door locked if not at the guest house.


Runina & Surroundings:

Hiking Trails
Runina is situated within Polonina National Park at the hill „Bukovske Vrchy” (665 m above see level). Most walking and hiking trails start or end next to the gateway of our guest house in the center of the village. For better orientation in the National Park I would like to give you more detailed information of some tours:

No. 4 – Recommended for guests in good health but with limited time at hands

No. 1, 3, 6 and 7  or  No. 1,2, 7 and 6 – Recommended for guests in good health with no time limit

A detour to „Sninsky Kamen“ and finish of the tour relaxing at the hot springs „Zemplinske Hamry“ is worth your while.

There are many tours which start in Runina or Nova Sedlica. One can get to Nova Sedlica by bus or car.  Please note that the bus to Nova Sedlica starts early in the morning at 06:20 a.m. in Runina.


Basic tours
Route 1 (demanding day trip): Runina – Ruske Sedlo, border line Durkovec – Runina.    Link

Route 2 (ca. 5 hours): Runina – Riaba Skala – Runina (return via road built in WW II).    Link

Route 3 (day trip): Runina – Riaba Skala – Nova Sedlica –back to Runina by bus. There is a more convenient bus connection if you start the trip in reverse order.      Link

Route 4 (long day trip) Runina – Riaba Skala – Kremenec – (Rawka) – Runina. The route bypasses the border triangle: Slovak Republic-Poland-Ukraine.     Link

Route 5 (day trip): Nova Sedlica – Riaba Skala – Kremenec – Urwald Stuzica – Nova Sedlica –back to Runina by car. There is a more convenient bus connection if you start the trip in reverse order.     Link

Route 6: guest house – Three Springs (Tri Studnicky) – back to Runina
“Tri Studnicky“ is a place of pilgrimage. It is reported that virgin Maria appeard to a villager from Runina while herding its kows at this place.
Es ist möglich, vom Pilgerort aus weiter der Strasse zu folgen, die um den Ort Runina herum führt. Zu Fuss benötigen Sie für diese Route um Runina ca 5 Stunden, mit dem Fahrrad ca. 1 Stunden.     Link

Route 7 (the most demanding day trip): Runina – Durkoves – Riaba Skala – Wetlina – Rawka – Kremenec – Nova Sedlica. In case this route takes rather 2 days one can find temporary shelter in Wetlina.   Link

Route 8 (day trip): Nova Sedlica – Ciertaz – Kremenec – Kremenec (oder Mala Rawka) – Stuzica – Nova Sedlica, back to Runina by bus.      Link


Contact:   Anna Hunčárová, phone: +421 949 839 398


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Interactive map:
The route to our Guest house is in Google Streetview.
Map (Snina – Runina)

Link to the picture of our guest house in Google Streetview.

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